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Hiring Memo *For Recreation Hiring Managers Only*

To submit a memo to initiate hire, please click on the below link:

Hiring Sessions

When: Please review our Training and Development calendar for a list of dates/times of our hiring sessions. Please be sure to register for the date that best fits with your schedule. Hiring Sessions last approximately 2 hours. Before attending the hiring session, please make sure that you have accepted your work study funding on your EFAN.

What to bring: All documents must be original and unexpired. Photocopies will not be accepted.

Student Employees: What to Expect During Your New Hire Appointment

During your new hire appointment, the following will occur:

Non-Student Employees: What to Expect During Your New Hire Appointment

During your new hire appointment, the following will occur:

  • New hire paperwork will be completed and reviewed
  • You will be fingerprinted
  • Your I-9 will be completed
  • You will present proper employment authorization documentation
  • We will review benefits options
  • We will sign your position description

Obtaining University ID (UID) Number

In order to access most UCLA systems, employees will first be required to have a 9-digit University ID number (or UID). UIDs are your unique identifying number used by UCLA to create your UCLA Logon ID, enroll in Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), and access UCPath Online. UIDs will be generated either when a person enrolls as a student at UCLA or when a person becomes hired as an employee for UCLA. Hiring managers should provide all new employees with the UID number upon completion of the hiring process

Create a UCLA Logon ID and Enroll in Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)


In addition to using a UID number, UCLA systems will also require a UCLA Logon ID (also known as a Bruin OnLine/BOL ID). UCLA Logon IDs will link UIDs with UCLA’s system access software. To provide additional logon security, all employees and students will be required to enroll in Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), which will require two forms of identification when logging into UCLA systems.

What is a UCLA Logon ID?

The UCLA Logon ID is your campus online identifier. It is used for authentication to most online services on campus and is the first step in the campus’ attempt to migrate all systems to a “Single Sign-On” (SSO). It also provides eligible users with access to BOL services such as an e-mail account, campus wireless, VPN, proxy server, web hosting service, free software, etc. Previously, the UCLA Logon ID was called a Bruin OnLine ID, BOLid, BOL username, BOL account, etc.

Please remember that your UCLA Logon ID is a permanent campus identifier and cannot be changed. It will also double as your e-mail address if you are eligible for that service. Select your username carefully. You can create/lookup your UCLA Logon ID and/or reset a forgotten password at:

Enrolling in UCLA Logon ID

  1. Obtain your UCLA Employee ID from your supervisor

  2. Visit‐overview

  3. Click CREATE A UCLA LOGON ID > Agree to Terms of Service

  4. Enter UCLA ID Number (UID)

  5. Verify Identity > CONTINUE

  6. Enter desired UCLA Logon ID, password, etc. > click CREATE UCLA LOGON ID

    • Note: Once created, your UCLA Logon ID becomes permanent & cannot be changed. Choose your UCLA Logon ID carefully.

  7. UCLA Logon ID creation complete

    • You will be prompted to sign up for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) next.

What is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?

(From: BOL Knowledge Base Article: KB0012949)

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is an additional layer of security for accessing systems. It relies on users having two or more way of identifying themselves. One often used principle is the idea of people possessing “something you have with something you know”.

A common example of MFA is a debit card: the card itself is the physical item you carry around (“something you have”) that identifies your bank account, and the personal identification number (PIN) is the data that goes with it (“something you know”). Separating those two elements makes it more difficult for someone to access the user’s bank account because they would have to have the physical item in their possession and also know the PIN.

UCLA has done the same with the UCLA Logons, partnering with a company called Duo. After you enroll in MFA, when you login using your UCLA Logon ID, UCLA’s Single Sign-On system will prompt you to enter your UCLA Logon ID (e.g., ‘jbruin’) and your password (something you know) as usual. You will then use your smartphone or another device you’ve configured for MFA (something you have) to authorize your multi-factor authentication.

Please visit this article to learn more.

Enrolling in Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

For detailed, step-by-step instructions for enrolling in MFA, please visit BOL Knowledgebase Article: KB0012931.

To begin the process of enrolling in MFA, do the following:

  1. Using a web browser, visit

  2. Log into the application using your UCLA Logon ID and password.

  3. At the “About MFA in UCLA Logon” window, click on the [CONTINUE] button.

  4. Select the preferred device/method of authentication:

    • Smartphone

    • Tablet

    • Cellular Phone

    • Landline

  5. Follow the onscreen prompts on setting up your preferred method of authentication.

  6. At the end of the prompts, your primary preferred device/method of authentication should be complete.

  7. (OPTIONAL) It is recommended that a secondary device/method is also enrolled in MFA in case the primary device/method becomes unavailable. Repeat the above steps again to enroll a secondary device/method.


Download the Tech Station Reference Guide for detailed help on creating a UCLA Logon ID, MFA, and troubleshooting common issues.


1. How many hours per week can I work?

Students can work up to 19.6 hours per week during the academic year and 40 hours per week during the summer. Non-student employees can work up to 17 hours per week.

2. What is the hiring process and why is it important?

Once you’ve received an offer of employment from UCLA Recreation, it is important that you attend a hiring session for two main reasons: (1) we need you to fill out a hiring packet so we can set up your profile in UCLA’s employee database, and (2) we are unable to process a paycheck until you do so.

3. What do I do if I can't attend hiring sessions?

You can contact the HR team by emailing to set up an appointment. Please include your name, your supervisor’s name and your requested appointment date.

4. Can I start working before a hiring session?

No. You must attend a hiring session before your first day of work.


1. How do I view my pay online?

You can view your earnings statement or pay stub by logging into the UCPATH Portal Click View My paycheck for directions. For inquiries regarding pay rate please contact your supervisor.

2. How long will it take to get paid?

Eight business days after the end of a pay period. Please check your UCPATH Portal for a payroll calendar. If you do not receive a check/direct deposit on the scheduled payday, please contact the HR team by emailing

3. Where do I pick up my paycheck?

Employees may no longer pick up paper checks. If you are not enrolled in direct deposit your check will be mailed to your address on file. Please keep in mind paychecks are mailed from the UCPATH center on payday and make take five-seven business days to arrive in the mail.

4. Can I get my paycheck mailed to me?

Yes. If you are not enrolled in direct deposit, your check will be mailed to the address on file.

5. I was mailed an old check that is now expired. What do I do?

Please contact the UCPATH center at 855‐982‐7284 (Monday to Friday, 8 AM - 5 PM Pacific)

6. How do I submit my timesheet?

You can submit your timesheets at

7. How do I add time to an old timesheet?

To submit a late timesheet, please select the pay period you want to claim hours for under “Create Past Pay Periods Timesheet.”

8. I don't have a timesheet for that pay period, how do I create one?

Please contact the HR team by emailing for assistance.

9. Someone told me I could get my retirement money back after I leave this job, how do I do that?

Once you leave UCLA, you will receive a letter from Fidelity Investments about your retirement fund. Check UCPATH Portal to ensure that we have your most current address. For specific questions about your account, you can contact Fidelity Retirement Services by visiting or by calling (866)682-7787.

10. How do I retrieve my password if I can't remember it?

You can reset your password here.

Direct Deposit

1. How do I set up direct deposit or make changes to my current banking info?

To set-up direct deposit or make changes to your current direct deposit/banking info employees must log in their UCPATH Portal to make those changes. Directions on how to set-up/change your direct deposit may be found by clicking the following link:

Set-up/change My Direct Deposit

2. How long does it take direct deposit to go into effect?

2- 4 weeks. You will be mailed a paper check during that time.

Tax Information

If you're an International Student:

International students are required to update their GLACIER record after their initial hire. GLACIER is a secured web-based Nonresident Alien (NRA) tax compliance system that foreign visitors can use to provide their immigrant and tax data to UCLA via the internet 24 hours a day. Employees will receive an email from with instructions. They must enter their Information on GLACIER within 7 days of receiving the email.

I need help figuring out what allowances or exemptions to claim on my W-4

To figure out what allowances or exemptions to claim on your W-4, you can use the “Personal Allowance Worksheet” (for federal taxes) and “Worksheet A: Regular Withholding Allowances” (for California taxes). For directions on how to select your allowances in the UCPATH portal click: Set-up Tax Info

Where can I get a copy of my W-2?

You may view/print your W-2 via via the UCPATH Portal.

Schedule Your HR Appointment

Use the link below to sign up for hiring appointments, trainings, and other HR needs.

Make HR Bookings Appointment

Additional Resources

Directions to the Occupational Health Facility (67-120 CHS) from the John Wooden Center.

Verification of Employment

For your convenience, the University of California (UC) provides a simple method for employment verification.

If you are applying for a loan, an apartment or job, your employment verifier (e.g. bank, leasing agent, or employer) accesses your employment information through The Work Number website.

The Work Number is a third-party provider of employment and income verification. All verifiers (banks, employers or leasing agents) must access your information through its website.

How to Provide Proof of Your Employment and Income

Please provide your employment verifier the following information:

  • Inform them that UC uses the The Work Number

  • Provide them the University of California Employer Code: 15975

  • Provide them your Social Security Number

In some instances, you may also need to create a "Salary Key" in order to complete an income verification. If your employment verifier requests a salary key, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to The Work Numberas an employee.

  2. Enter the following information:

  3. Select the "Create a Salary Key" option.

  4. Provide your verifier the six-digit salary key.