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For coronavirus information for the UCLA community, please visit the Ashe Center website and UCLA’s information page.

UCLA Recreation

The Marina Aquatic Center (MAC) is UCLA's premier water-front recreation facility just 10 miles from campus in scenic Marina del Rey. The MAC is home to a multitude of inclusive boating and safety programs, equipment rentals, youth programs, and competitive teams at both the collegiate and youth levels.

More Information

Current Programs Status

OPEN NOW: The MAC is open to UCLA students, staff, faculty, and the community for equipment rentals on single and double-person equipment. Single and double sit-on-top kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, laser sailboats, RS Quest sailboats, RS Vision sailboats, rowing shells, and sea touring kayaks are available by reservation only.

CURRENTLY SUSPENDED: Boating Courses and Group Reservations

About the MAC

Our History:

The UCLA Marina Aquatic Center, formerly referred to as the “UCLA Boating and Safety Education Program,” was created in 1977 through a grant from the California Department of Navigation and Ocean Development for the purpose of providing boating safety and education at UCLA and in the Southern California area. For the first fourteen years of operation, the Marina Aquatic Center (MAC) operated instructional sailing and windsurfing programs as part of the University’s Department of Cultural and Recreational Activities (CRA). In 1991 the Department took over operation of the adjacent crew boathouse and subsequently added recreational rowing, kayaking, and surfing to its roster of activities. As part of a department wide expansion, the Center began offering youth boating in 1994, effectively exposing a new and important segment of the Southern California community to the concepts of water and boating safety. Due to the rapid rise in popularity of stand up paddling, and the Coast Guard's decision to regard SUP boards as vessels, the Marina Aquatic Center made the decision to add a Stand Up Paddling clinic to its schedule in 2011.

Today the Marina Aquatic Center is a vibrant waterfront recreation facility offering equipment rentals and a multitude of inclusive boating and safety programs in sailing, rowing, windsurfing, kayaking, stand up paddleboarding, and surfing. The MAC also houses the UCLA Men's and Women's Rowing Teams, UCLA Sailing Team, MAC Junior Rowing Team, and youth boating programs.

View the 2020 MAC Facility Tour made for UCLA student Welcome Week.

Mission Statement:

To complement the comprehensive services of the UCLA Department of Cultural and Recreational Affairs by offering the opportunity to experience high-quality boating programs in a waterfront environment to the UCLA community and the general public.


  • Boating and Water Safety
  • Recreational Boating Education with an Emphasis on Beginning Level Instruction
  • Strong Fundamental and Practical Applications in Boat Handling
  • Promotion of Health and Well-being
  • Widespread Access to Programs
  • Customer Service and Professionalism
  • Environmental Stewardship

DBW Partnership:

The Marina Aquatic Center partners with the California Division of Boating and Waterways who funds boating facilities, boating safety education and supports boating law enforcement in California. A portion of the equipment at the center is provided by the state parks division to enhance boating safety education in California.

Facility Policies


  • UCLA Recreation and the Marina Aquatic Center staff are taking reasonable measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection, including tracking/tracing, and following applicable state and County public health orders and protocols. However, the possibility of transmission cannot be eliminated. Participants must be aware of and acknowledge the risks before participating in programs. Participation in UCLA Recreation is voluntary. The risk of contracting COVID-19 exists, and that risk is assumed by the participants.
  • All participants are required to wear an appropriate face covering at all times on land in the facility, and whenever possible while on the water. An acceptable face covering covers the mouth and nose snugly and allows the user to remain hands free. No expiration valves are allowed. Neck-gaiter style coverings are permitted if they are double-layered and/or folded over to create a second layer over the mouth and nose. If face coverings are removed or lowered during any on water activities, they must remain immediately accessible to be worn if approached by a UCLA Recreation staff member or a lifeguard. 
  • Participants may only enter the facility with a confirmed rental reservation. Check in will begin 5 minutes prior to the start of the reservation time; no early check in. A symptoms screening check will be required to confirm any participant (or any member of their immediate household) has not:
  • Had the following symptom of COVID-19 first appear in the past 10 days: fever (at or over 100.4°F or 38°C) or chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, feeling tired, muscle or body aches, headache, sore throat, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea, congestion or runny nose, or new loss of taste or smell.
  • Been diagnosed with COVID-19 or had a suspected diagnosis of COVID-19.
  • Spent time with another individual who has been diagnosed with COVID-19.


  • Parking at the MAC is limited and available on a first come first serve basis with a reservation only.  Facility users are encouraged to walk, bike, or bus. Overflow offsite parking is available for free at Dock 52 (0.75 miles from the boathouse) or paid parking is available at the closer Fisherman’s Village (we do not validate for this lot).
  • Do not park in the Breakwater parking lot or garage - you will be towed.  Vehicles parked in any yellow striped area will be subject to tow; Parking on any yellow lines forces other vehicles to drive on the bike path endangering pedestrians and bikers. 
  • Drive slowly and carefully to and from the MAC parking lot.  Watch for pedestrians and cyclists on the bike path and the Breakwater access road.  Once you reach the Marina Aquatic Center facility, drive on the striped access lane only. DO NOT drive on the LA County bike path.   When exiting parking spaces, watch for bike path traffic; stay on the striped driving lane and back into the turnaround area provided. 


  • Restrooms will be open to participants, but capacity will be limited to 2 participants per restroom (in each of the men’s and women’s locker rooms). 
  • Sinks/stalls/urinals that are less than 6 feet apart will be marked out of service to ensure proper distancing. 
  • There will be no access to lockers, open changing space, or the showers.


  • Participants should bring only what is minimally required to their rental reservation and should arrive ready to get on the water. 
  • An ID is required to rent and will be held by the dockmaster while the renter is on the water. Cell phone and keys can be additionally be held at the check in desk during a rental.
  • Any additional personal items must be stored in your vehicle. Please leave all valuables at home. The MAC is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.


  • All participants must be water safe and comfortable swimming a minimum of 100 yards and tread water for a minimum of five minutes.
  • Sailors, kayakers, stand up paddle boarders (SUP) are required to wear Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs) while on the dock and water, at all times. Rowers are exempt.
  • To protect your feet, always wear shoes at the MAC.  Shoes should have sufficient tread and heal Support to prevent you from slipping on the wet surfaces around the dock.  Bare feet are only allowed on the dock as you are launching or docking laser sailboats, kayaks, stand up paddleboards, or rowing shells.  Shoes should be replaced first thing after docking.    
  • When launching and docking, minimize the time you spend on the dock and the space that you take up to help reduce dock congestion.
  • Participants must be able to “self-rescue.” If you are unable to self-rescue due to an injury or equipment breakage, stay with the vessel. Do not try to swim to shore. Hail the Dockmaster or other boaters for assistance.
  • Participants must be able to steer a safe course through the marina, keeping watch for obstacles.
  • Report all collisions, injuries, and equipment damage immediately to the MAC Staff. Collisions include:
  1. When two vessels collide for any reason, whether they sustain damage or not.
  2. A MAC vessel hits or becomes stuck in rocks, mud, or any other stationary object.
  • The following is prohibited at the UCLA Marina Aquatic Center: 
  1. Alcohol
  2. Smoking or vaping 
  3. Dogs off of their leash
  4. Launching of personal equipment
  5. Running, roughhousing, and/or riding bikes or scooters anywhere around the facility.   
  6. Talking loudly or making excessive noise that may disturb our neighbors, before 8am and after 9pm
  7. Sitting in or riding on the rolling equipment 


  • Renters will be responsible financially for equipment that is damaged beyond normal wear and tear. If the damage is excessive, they may be responsible for full repair/replacement costs ($90/hr on repair labor). Check the equipment for any damage before launching from the dock and report any issues with the equipment.
  • Complete a safety check of your vessel – make sure everything works and is properly adjusted before entering the water.
  • Secure accessories and equipment before launching.
  • Never drag the equipment on the ground.
  • Do not use any tools or other supplies owned by the Marina Aquatic Center.  Do not attempt to fix or customize any equipment while in your use.  See MAC Staff member on duty if you need help with equipment. 


  • It is the general responsibility of all vessels to avoid a collision. Care should be taken to give these vessels the space and opportunity to maneuver.
  • Follow all standard COLREGs for navigation.
  • Yield to incoming traffic as you leave the dock and maneuver through the inbound power channel.
  • Launch and dock with traffic flow.
  • The traffic in the Marina follows a counter clockwise pattern around buoys in the Main Channel and counter clockwise around center line of the Entrance Channel.
  • Do not stop your vessel in an area where you will impede others. Yield to faster vessels.
  • Do not block traffic. If you must stop to receive instruction, or adjust equipment, position your vessel out of the main traffic flow.


  • Participants may only rent within the wind parameters and designated areas as outlined in the table below. MAC staff reserve the right to determine when rentals and water activities are safe. Decisions will be based on the weather guidelines presented below, but staff may still choose to restrict activity even if the listed thresholds have not been reached.


Sailing I RS Quest 10 knots 14 knots Entrance Channel
Sailing II Laser, RS Vision 14 knots 16 knots Entrance Channel
Sailing III Laser, RS Vision 16 knots 20 knots Entrance & Main Channels
Sailing IV – Inside Laser, RS Vision 18 knots 24 knots Entrance & Main Channels
Sailing IV – Outside Laser, RS Vision 16 knots 20 knots Santa Monica Bay (No Gale Flag)
Friday Night Races Laser, RS Vision 16 knots 20 knots Entrance Channel
UCLA Sailing Team Flying Junior 16 knots 20 knots Entrance & Main Channels
Sculling I Maas Aero, 24 8 knots 12 knots Entrance & Main Channels
Sculling II Maas 27, Double 12 knots 12 knots Entrance & Main Channels, Basins
Rowing Teams - Marina Team 12 knots 16 knots Entrance & Main Channels, Basins
Rowing Teams – Creek Team 16 knots 20 knots Ballona Creek
No Qualification Sit-on-top Kayak 12 knots 16 knots Entrance and Main Channels
Sea Kayaking I Touring Kayak 12 knots 16 knots Entrance and Main Channels
Sea Kayaking II Touring Kayak 12 knots 16 knots Entrance and Main Channels, Basins
Sea Kayaking III Touring Kayak 16 knots 20 knots Entrance and Main Channels, Basins
Sea Kayaking IV Touring Kayak 16 knots 20 knots Entrance and Main Channels, Basins
Sea Kayaking V Touring Kayak 16 knots 20 knots Santa Monica Bay (No Gale Flag)
No Qualification or SUP I SUP 8 knots 12 knots Entrance and Main Channels
Windsurfing I Hi Fly 8 knots 12 knots Entrance Channel
Windsurfing II Bic Techno 12 knots 16 knots Entrance Channel


  • No outside sailing or kayaking if gale flag is up at the Harbormaster’s Office.
  • Conditions within three hours of the rental, current weather, and trends will be considered.
  • Weather forecast and/or warning flags will be used as justification for amending or suspending water activities in the entrance channel, marina, and Santa Monica Bay.
  • Dockmaster will use both Wind Gusts/Maximum Wind Speed and 10-Minute Wind Average in deciding whether to allow rentals.
  • If the small craft warning is posted with measured, or expected winds exceeding 20 knots, there will be no water activities.

Fog or low visibility:

  • Dockmaster must be able to see the opposite shore for at least 15 continuous minutes before allowing any water activities.
  • All renters, and unaccompanied vessels, must maintain visual contact with the MAC at all times.

Darkness or low light:

  • Dockmaster must be able to see the opposite shore for at least 15 continuous minutes before allowing any water activities.
  • All renters, and unaccompanied vessels, must maintain visual contact with the mac at all times.


  • At the first sign of lightning, all water activities will be immediately suspended and all users – renters, teams, class participants, and staff – should return to the mac without delay.
  • No water activities are permitted when there is a thunder and lightning storm.


  • Following significant rainfall, certain water activities shall cease for a minimum of 48 hours after the rain has stopped. All other activities will be allowed on the water after signing a water quality waiver. Please call the marina aquatic center before leaving home to find out whether water activities have resumed.

Stay Connected - Join Our Google Groups

Join the Google Group for any sport area of your interest and stay up to date with the latest information on events, facility announcements and more. The groups act as a mailing list and can be used to find sailing partners, set up paddle outings, and to share photos. It's the next best thing to being at the MAC!

Steps to Join:

1. Click on the link below corresponding to the sport specific list you want to join.

MAC Kayaking Group

MAC Windsurfing Group

MAC Rowing Group

MAC Sailing Group

2. Sign in to view the group.

NOTE: You can sign in using an existing google account or you can create a google account using any email address.

3. Apply for membership to the group and set your notification preferences.

4. Once Approved, you will receive an email with your acceptance into the group and you will be able to view and post messages.

To send messages:

Send an email to the list using the email address associated with the group or post directly from within the group. All posts will be approved by MAC staff before being distributed to the list.

If you wish to leave the group:

From the ‘My Groups’ tab on the Google Groups page, select ‘Leave Group’ at any time. You may also edit notification settings if you wish to remain in the group but want less frequent notifications.

Please let us know if you have any questions about anything or visit

See you on the water!

Competitive Teams at the MAC

The MAC is proud to host several student competitive teams that train and compete out of our boathouse. For more information on MAC team programs, please follow the links below to their own web pages.

Current Weather

Current weather conditions at the MAC

Other Weather Links
Santa Monica Basin Buoy Observations (Station 46025)
Weather Underground MDR Forecast MDR Forecast
Current Weather at LAX
Watch The Water LA County Coastal Monitoring Network MDR Cam

Contact Us/ Meet the Staff

General Office Contact Information:
Phone: 310.823.0048
Address: 14001 Fiji Way, Marina del Rey, CA 90292

Kristen Lockwood


Nora Lee

Administrative Supervisor

Kylie Lausten

Adult and Youth Program Coordinator

Byron Pfeifer

Marine Maintenance Technician

Zohar Abramovitz

MAC Junior Rowing Program Head Coach