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UCLA Recreation

The Challenge Course is now OPEN for reservations! Kick off a reservation inquiry by filling out a Reservation Interest Form. Reservation requests are required a minimum of 30 days in advance.


Who we serve

  • UCLA students, staff, faculty
  • Professional / corporate teams and associations
  • Nonprofit and community organizations
  • Youth groups
  • Student groups
  • Sports teams
  • Conference groups

What we offer

  • Adventure-based programs, tailored to meet your group’s objectives
  • Programs for groups ranging from size 5 to 200
  • Experiences such as group bonding, teambuilding, leadership development, and individual/group growth
  • Programs year round, any day of the week, during daylight hours
  • Trained, professional staff skilled in working with a full spectrum of client types
  • Programs of different, customizable lengths to fit your schedule
  • Options to expand on your event with adjacent field and picnic space for use such as picnic, catering, sound system, etc.
  • Portable teambuilding activities for programs at your organization’s location (office, conference room, field space, etc.)

What is a challenge course?

A challenge course is an adventure-filled tool for team development, group bonding, and learning. Our course has both ground-based and high-ropes climbing activities designed to challenge groups of all types. Our professional facilitator staff design a program to match your group’s unique makeup and achieve your desired outcomes. Through collaboration, your group will build trust and cohesiveness while developing skills in leadership, communication, and decision-making. While many activities have a physical component to them, physical strength and fitness is not a basis for achieving success on our course.

To inquire about date availability, request a quote, or to start a new reservation, please submit a Reservation Interest Form. For other questions, email us at


The UCLA Challenge Course is located on campus at Sunset Canyon Recreation Center, nestled amongst the pine and eucalyptus trees. Enter via the main entrance to SCRC and head up the stairs, following the signs directing you toward the challenge course.

Address: 111 Easton Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90095


Parking Lot RC is immediately adjacent to the course and has limited daily visitor spots available for purchase at the automated kiosk. Parking Lot 11 is a five minute walk and has daily visitor spots also available for purchase at the automated kiosk. Chartered busses may drop off and pick up directly at SCRC; coordinate details when you make your reservation.

Program Options

The UCLA Challenge Course is available for private program reservations of a variety of purposes such as staff retreats, teambuilding, youth recreation, experiential learning, and more. Your program will be tailored to meet your group’s unique makeup and desired outcomes. Our most popular programs on offer are:

3-hour ground-based teambuilding

Through a series of ice-breakers, group games, and team challenges, your group will have the opportunity to strengthen their connections, share a positive experience, and intentionally reflect on what kind of team or community they are and want to be. Activities may incorporate low-ropes structures (i.e. balancing beams, wooden platforms, suspended cables), or props (i.e. traffic cones, balls, or even a rubber chicken). Teamwork, communication strategies, and creative problem-solving will all be put to work throughout these ground-based teambuilding initiatives. While many activities have a physical component to them, physical strength and fitness are not a basis for achieving success in our programs.

Half-day ground-based + high ropes teambuilding (4 hours)

2.5 hours of ground-based teambuilding, as described above in the 3-hour program description. After building trust in the team through these ground-based activities, the group will have the opportunity to climb our two signature team-belayed climbs: The Leap of Faith and the High V. Our staff of enthusiastic facilitators will teach the group how to hold the ropes, belaying from the ground for their teammates as they attempt these climbing challenges. We’ll wrap things up with a reflective debrief at the end of the program, celebrating the group and honoring their new shared experience.

Full-day ground-based + high ropes teambuilding (~6 hours program time + lunch break in the middle)

Similar to a half-day program, only in full-day programs the group will get even more time to develop a sense of team, play games, and conquer challenges together. For many groups, the half-day program can feel rushed. So if you have the time to stay and play, 6 hours can be rewarding.

Looking for something else? We can customize a program to fit your schedule and desires*. Fill out a Reservation Interest Form and we will get back to you with options.

*We do not offer climbing-only programs. Our course uses participant team belay systems and thus we require groups to first build and demonstrate adequate teamwork abilities before advancing to climbing options. We do not have obstacle-course/aerial-park-type climbs.

The Course

While many activities have a physical component to them, physical strength and fitness is not a basis for achieving success, both in ground-based programming and on the high ropes climbs.

Ground based teambuilding

These activities take place on or near the ground and will challenge your team both mentally and physically. Group problem-solving, communication strategies, and creative thinking will be put to work in a series of ground-based teambuilding initiatives that grow progressively harder. Activities may incorporate low-ropes structures or props such as balancing beams, wooden platforms, and suspended cables. While the high ropes climbing course is certainly exciting, most participants find the ground-based activities to be the most valuable in improving their team’s performance and bond.

High ropes course

Our two signature teambuilding climbs include the High V and the Leap of Faith. We also have a Giant’s Ladder and 2 Vertical Playpens.

Reservations and Inquiries

We are not yet open for reservation requests. You may view general reservation information below.

Interested in what kind of program we can offer you and your group? Submit a Reservation Interest Form and we will get back to you with options, date availability, and pricing quotes.

Reservation process

  1. Submit a Reservation Interest Form.

  2. We will email you date availability, program options, and fee quotes.

  3. Select and confirm your program details (program length/type, date, time, etc.) to reserve your program.

  4. Signed contract agreement is due 10 business days prior to your program.*

  5. Submit your organization's certificate of insurance, due 10 days prior to your program. *

* These items are not applicable to internal University groups (i.e. departments, current UCLA students).

To inquire about date availability, request a quote, or to start a new reservation, please submit a Reservation Interest Form. For other questions, email us at


Risk Management

Our staff are trained in and prioritize safety. However, risk management is everyone’s job (both staff and participants). Challenge course activities, whether on/near the ground or involving climbing, are inherently risky. It is possible to get hurt. Risks include mild injuries (i.e. splinters, scrapes, bruises), moderate injuries (broken bones), severe/life-altering injuries (paralysis, blindness), and even death. Activities can evoke strong emotional and physiological responses. Participants must follow instructions, choose their level of participation, and take part in managing risk.


“Challenge by choice” is an essential pillar of our programs. Our staff will present the group with activities that are designed to be both physically, mentally, and emotionally challenging. Participants choose if and to what extent they wish to engage in any activity. Additionally, there are opportunities for participants to change their minds.

All persons on the challenge course (regardless of participation level) must submit a signed waiver. Minors must have a parent/guardian sign their waiver.

Reservation Policies

  • Reservations are required a minimum of 30 days in advance.
  • Groups smaller than 15 people are welcome, but the minimum fee charged is for 15 people.

Weather & Clothing

  • All program participants must wear close-toed, close-healed, supportive shoes (i.e. no sandals, house slippers, etc.).
  • Climbing activities may be limited in the event of high winds or lightning.
  • We recommend wearing clothing layers that you can adapt to changing temperatures and physical activity, and that you are okay with getting dirty.
  • Limit jewelry; no dangling pieces.
  • Bring sun/heat protection, such as hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, and a water bottle. We have water fountains for refilling water bottles.