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The Sunset Canyon Family Pool is an outdoor 25-yard by six lane pool with a shallow leisure area and adjacent deep water diving well. Use of this pool is first and foremost for children and students. Patrons may only use the pool during recreational swimming hours. For more information, please call 310-825-3671.

Updated Policies and Procedures

Please visit our Member Services Page for the full COVID-19 Acknowledgement of Risks. ​​​​​

Facility Policies

  • Swimming is permitted only when an authorized SCRC lifeguard is on duty.

  • Children have priority over adults in the assigned areas of the Family Pool at all times.

  • Children under 16 years of age must be attended and supervised by an adult 18 years or older who is responsible for the supervision and conduct of the child.

  • Each child under 48" tall must be accompanied by an adult 18 years or older in the water.

  • SCRC is a non-smoking environment. All smoking is prohibited.

  • Food and drink are allowed only in the grass and picnic areas.

  • Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.

  • Glass objects are not permitted in the pool, on the deck areas, or in the locker rooms.

  • Swimming is prohibited in all diving wells when divers are present.

  • Locker rentals are available. Please visit for more information.

  • Personal equipment is allowed (for example: (i.e. kickboards, hand paddles, buoys, belts, snorkels) No balls or pool toys are allowed.

Participant Policies

  • Swimmers should soap shower before entering the pool.

  • Persons with bandages or open sores will not be permitted in the pools.

  • Swimmers should be dressed in clothing specifically designed for swimming (for example, no cut off shorts, t-shirts, etc.)

  • Instruction by the lifeguards and supervisors must be obeyed at all times.

  • Ball games and other hazardous activities are prohibited in the pools and on the decks and grass areas near the pools. Running, dunking, pushing, piggyback rides, and stunts off the side are considered hazardous activities, as well as others deemed so by the lifeguard on duty.

  • Floatation devices are prohibited in the pools. For lap swimming, use of kickboards, hand paddles, pull buoys, masks, fins, snorkels, and swim belts are permissible.
    These articles must be used for their designed purpose and in assigned lanes only. Please see the lifeguard for assistance.

  • Circle pattern swimming is required in designated lanes.

  • Stay off the safety lines and lane lines.

  • No prolonged breath holding or prolonged underwater swimming.

Lap Swim at Family Pool

We have transitioned back to circle swimming for all of our pool facilities (see the photo or watch the video for info on how to circle swim). Bookings for lap swimming at all pools has been discontinued.

Please be mindful of lane speeds and which equipment (kickboards, buoys, fins, etc.) can be used in each lane.

Park Pool and Family Pool will have marked speeds to assist with the higher usage of varying abilities. 

How to Circle Swim

Leisure Swim at Family Pool

Leisure swim is for open recreation swimming in the pool. The lane lines will not be in the pool and lap swimming will not be permitted. Locker services, showers, and equipment rentals (kick boards, hand paddles, buoys, etc) are not available.


  • No Lap Swimming

  • Equipment rentals are not available (kickboards, hand paddles, buoys, etc.)

Facility Rental

Facility rentals are currently unavailable. Please check back here for the latest.


View Lap swimming calendar for hours

Lap Swimming Hours


Sunset Canyon Recreation Center